Energen Akva is a natural, organic fertilizer based on humic acids that affect the growth and development of the plants for the better, promotes better development of the underground organs of the plant, and greatly contributes to increasing the yield and quality of the fruits. Energen Akva naturally accelerates the process of plant ripening, in fact by 5-7 days, and it is also known for increasing the soil fertility and resistance of plants to stress caused by mechanical action.

The composition of our organic fertilizer is characterized by a high concentration of organic acids that are mixed with elements that are difficult to find in the soil. Acids make up the majority of Energen Aqua fertilizers, and the most:

  • 160g / l K salts of humic acids
  • Fulvic acids
  • Si acid
  • NPK
  • S
  • Ca
  • Mg
  • Monosaccharides (glucose, fructose)
  • Amino acids (glutamic acid, glycine, alanine, methionine, lysine, etc.)
  • Polyhydroxy acids (citric, lactic, and propionic)

Agrounik’s Energen Akva can be used on its own, diluted in water, but also in combination with pesticides, as well as with copper-based preparations.

1. In arable farming

Our Energen Aqua gives optimal results, especially when applied to wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sugar beets, and tobacco. Foliar application: 0.25 l / ha – two to three times, during the vegetation.

2. Vegetables and ornamental plants

For tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, tubers, and leafy vegetables, and all kinds of flowers:

  • Foliar application: 0.25 l / ha two to three times during the growing season – in seedling production.
  • Irrigation device: 0.25 l / ha, several times during the growing season.

3. Orcharding and viticulture

  • Foliar application: 0.25 l / ha per 800-1000 liters of water, 4 or 5 times during the growing season.
  • Irrigation device: 0.25 – 0.5 l / ha, several times during the growing season.

The use of organic fertilizers has numerous benefits not only for the health of the crops you grow but also for the supply of soil with humus and numerous chemical elements that are not present in the soil. Organic fertilizer indirectly affects human health, and our Energen Aqua has confirmed its success by contributing to several fields:

  • Faster and better plant growth and development
  • It reduces the content of nitrates and heavy metals that are normally found in agricultural products
  • Reduction of plant stress due to hail, drought, frost…
  • Better utilization of nutrients from the soil
  • Yield increase

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