Flosal za cveće

Flosal for flowers is a liquid fertilizer intended for plants, whether it is:

  • foliar feeding (Ficus, Philodendron, Dracaena, Schefflera, Dieffenbachia, Spatifilum, etc.)
  • nutrition of flowering forms of balcony plants (Chrysanthemum, Petunia, Surfinia, Begonia, Verbena, etc.)

Flosal contains growth-stimulating microorganisms that produce auxins in the fermentation process: indole – 3 – acetic acid (IAA).

Flosal for flowers is applied in the original packaging by spraying over the leaves during the vegetation period from early spring to the end of autumn. When it comes to Flosal, experiences have shown that it is best to spray the plants once or twice a week, except in the winter when it should be done after 10 days.

The effects of using Flosal are:

  • Increase in leaf mass
  • Formation of a larger number of flowers
  • Better and more intense color of flowers
  • Accelerated plant growth and development
  • Strengthening of the root system
  • Increased plant resistance to diseases and stressful situations

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