B.subtilis forms a biofilm that colonizes the plant surface. Competition between B.subtilis and phytopathogens: for binding sites on the plant surface and nutrients (food) prevents the formation of biofilm or binding of phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria on the plant surface. In this way, Fuzarix reduces the number and virulence of phytopathogenic organisms and protects the plant from pathogens.

Bacillus subtilis

The Fusarium sp. causes Fusarium head blight in the wheat crop, suppress it by foliar spraying from the end of earing (BBCH 59) to the end of flowering (BBCH 69).

Application rates of 1.5-3.0 l / ha with water consumption of 200-300 l / ha.

PREPARATION: The measured amount of the preparation should be mixed with a little water beforehand, then poured into the spray tank after which the required amount of water is added, stirring constantly.

It can be mixed with plant protection products, except copper-based preparations.

Fuzarix application:

  • Effective in controlling phytopathogenic bacteria;
  • Increases plant resistance;
  • There is no resistance;
  • There is no waiting period;
  • Safe to use;
  • Safe for the environment.


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