Silko za trave i žitarice

What is silage and why is it important to be of good quality?

Silage is a product that is created in the process of preserving animal feed by ensiling, through natural microflora or added, inoculated, and selected strains of bacteria that cause and accelerate lactic acid fermentation.

Due to the fact that there are very few lactic acid bacteria in the leaves and that sugars are fermented by heterofermentative type, the fermentation flow is quite uncontrolled, and the result of silage is usually not of satisfactory quality, i.e. hay does not taste and smell good, so the animals are reluctant to eat it.

What does our Silko for grass and cereals provide for livestock?

Modern breeding in husbandry cannot be imagined without the use of silage. The goal of ensiling is a sort of preserving the green plants and maximum preservation of their nutritional value for as long as possible. With Silko for grass and cereals, animals receive tasty and healthy food throughout the year, which ensures the stable production of milk and meat.

Silco for grass and cereal silage is recommended as an inoculum precisely because of the special additives based on homofermentative lactic bacteria, which initially achieve high results.

For successful preparation of silage, it is necessary to provide anaerobic conditions by compaction, which prevents the growth of aerobic microorganisms, such as yeasts, molds, and putrefactive bacteria – which adversely affect the quality of silage, and then the health of animals.

During the scientific research work, Agrounik, by participating in projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, developed a range of products – Silko – for the preparation of corn silage, alfalfa silage and haylage, as well as grass and legume mixtures.

Silko for grasses and cereals is an inoculant from the range of certified Agrounik products intended for the preparation of silage and haylage of grasses and cereals. Silko for grasses and cereals contains selected strains of lactic acid bacteria, such as:

  • Lactobacillus plantarum, 
  • Lactobacillus buchneri, 
  • Lactobacillus casei.

Agrounik’s Silko for grass and cereal inoculation is designed to be fully compliant with the HACCP standard. The number of lactobacilli units that form colonies is in the ratio 5 × 1011 cfu / ml, and they are completely protected by a patent, so you can be sure that you will get high quality and unique product.

Silko for grasses and cereals is prepared for silage by the use of standard technology. This means that the plant mass must be well compacted and closed from the entry of air into the silo, or bales.

For 20 t of silage: Pour 100 ml of Silko for grasses and cereals into 20 l of water.

For 50 t of silage: Pour 250 ml of Silko for grasses and cereals into 50 l of water.

For 200 t of silage: 1 liter of Silko for grasses and cereals is poured into 200 l of water.

The effects of using Agrounik Silko for grass and cereal silage are numerous, but the following stood out among the primary benefits:

  • Accelerated fermentation;
  • Increased aerobic stability of silage;
  • Improved digestibility of NDF and ADF (digestibility of fibers);
  • Preservation of proteins in their natural form;
  • Increasing daily milk yield and growth;
  • Reduced use of concentrate;
  • Reduced percentage of acetic and butyric acid;
  • Higher nutritional value of silage.

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