Slavol za soju

Slavol for soybeans is a microbiologically tested fertilizer used to inoculate soybean seeds with bacteria that fix nitrogen and form nodules in the roots.

The bacteria that make up Slavol for soybeans are applied to a peat carrier that is in a solid-state. Seed inoculation with Rizol for soybeans can be performed more than 30 days before sowing. Dried and treated seeds are stored until sowing. The inoculated seed is colored light orange.

The composition of Slavol for soy is reflected in the symbiotic action of bacteria that fix nitrogen inside the plant roots and bacteria that decompose phosphorus:

Nitrogen fixers– bacteria perform nitrogen fixation (conversion of inaccessible, atmospheric nitrogen into available ammonia), as follows:

  • Symbiotic nitrogen fixers: Bradyrhizobium japonicum – form nodules in soybean root.
  • Associative nitrogen fixers: Azotobacter sp. – colonize (inhabit) the surface of soybean roots.

Phosphomineralizers – bacteria that convert organic compounds of phosphorus into mineral forms, colonize the roots, and supply plants with phosphorus in the initial stages of development.

Slavol for soybeans is applied by dissolving the contents of the bag in 250 ml of water or 250 ml of Slavol S, and then mixing with the planned amount of soybean seeds just before sowing. One bag is enough for 100 kg of soybean seeds, i.e. 1 ha of land.

Spraying with Slavol is recommended in the phase when the plant forms the first two pairs of trefoils, all the way to the stage of pod formation.

The effects of using biofertilizers such as Agrounik’s Slavol for soy are numerous and among the most important are:

  • Accelerated nodule formation at the root;
  • Higher seed germination and germination energy;
  • Better growth and development of the root system and aboveground part of the plant;
  • Improved plant nutrition with elements such as N, P, and K;
  • Higher yield;
  • Colored inoculated seeds.

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