UNI-MAX is a micro-granulated microbiological – nutrient mobilizer, wish is certified for use in organic and traditional agricultural production in arable farming, olericulture, floriculture, and orcharding.

How is UNI-MAX microbiological fertilizer used?

UNI-MAX is applied together with the sowing with the help of micro granule storage devices located on the seeder. It can be applied directly to the seed or physically mixed with soil insecticides for simultaneous nutrition and protection of the cultivated plants.

It is also used when planting apples, stone fruits, nuts, and berries.

UNI-MAX contains bacteria that are applied to special carriers, from where they are released over a long period and bind to the root system of the sprouted plant supplying it with nitrogen and phosphorus from the reserves already in the soil.

Organic compounds in the soil make up 70-90% of the total content of nitrogen and phosphorus, but they are inaccessible to plants.

By the use of UNI-MAX, these compounds decompose to form forms of nitrogen and phosphorus that plants can absorb directly through the root system. This ensures that the plants are supplied with these elements in the first stages of the development when they are most needed.

This enables the use of natural soil resources, which reduces the use of mineral phosphorus fertilizers, reduces the agricultural production cost, and preserves soil fertility.

UNI-MAX microbiological fertilizer contains effective strains of bacteria that produce protease and phosphatase enzymes, which break down organic compounds into plant-accessible forms of nitrogen (NH4 + NO3-) and phosphorus (primary and secondary orthophosphate ion, H2PO4- and HPO42-).

Bacteria are applied to special carriers – microgranules from which they are gradually released.

When and in what quantity do we apply UNI-MAX microbiological fertilizer?

The amount and time of application of UNI-MAX depend on the branch of agriculture for which we use it.

1. Arable farming

When sowing by using depositories – 20 kg/ha

2. Fruit growing and viticulture

  • When planting and fertilizing pomes, stone fruits, and nuts: 20 – 25 g/tree.
  • When planting and fertilizing berries: 50 g /meter.

3. Olericulture and floriculture

  • For seedling production: 2 – 5% by total weight of the substrate.
  • When sowing by using depositories: 20 – 40 kg/ha.

What will you get by applying UNI-MAX?

  • Faster and more even growth of plants in the initial stages of development;
  • Better rooting of plants;
  • Greater resistance of plants to stress conditions;
  • Better plant nutrition during the growing season;
  • Greater microbiological activity;
  • Greater potential and effective soil fertility.


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