Quality organic fertilizers and other agricultural products

Quality organic fertilizer and other agricultural products

Quality organic fertilizer is extremely important for soil fertility, and no less important are the means that protect your plants from potential diseases and encourage their development. Agrounik products are also intended for farms, so they are part of our offer and means with which you will provide the best nutrition to your animals, as well as means that are important for maintaining hygiene and protecting animals and the environment from potential infections.

Agrounik has 19 registered and certified products in its product range.

These are:

Biofertilizers for soil, seed, and foliar fertilization treatment
Wastewater and septic tank treatment products
Inoculants for silage preparation
Biofungicides and biobactericides
All preparations are the intellectual property of Agrounik and are protected by a patent.

Why choose Agrounik products?

Guarantee of quality

Agrounik products have a HACCP certificate that guarantees a quality standard at every stage of production.

Safe application

The ECOCERT certificate confirms that the use of all our products in organic production is safe for the environment.

Good results

The quality of our products is measured by the yield and crop quality. We insist on a clear responsibility to achieve the planned result.