Why is wastewater treatment important?

Water pollution is the most complex global environmental problem and is the result of inadequate wastewater management that can come from households or industrial production.

Wastewater is generated during various production processes in the industry, primarily agricultural and food production, but also in small and large farms. Water from livestock farms is also loaded with a high content of organic compounds (proteins, fibers, fats, etc.).
Wastewater contains substances in the form of real solutions, colloidal solutions, suspended and floating substances (partially crushed feces, paper, bean parts). These wastewaters are harmful to the environment, due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, primarily of human origin (feces, urine), disinfectants, and surfactants.

It is clear that the Agrounik wastewater treatment agent is a necessary ally of your livestock farm, both for the welfare of your animals and the environment.

How important is an adequate remedy for septic tanks?

The modern way of life imposes the use of various chemical means for maintaining personal and general hygiene in the household, which after the use reach the septic system and negatively affect its physical and chemical characteristics.

Disruption of the natural biological balance first leads to slow operation of the septic tank, and later to complete clogging due to the deposition of undegraded waste.

An exceptional problem is the additional deposition of fats and oils in the soil around the pit, which creates a completely impermeable zone, which becomes a closed vessel, the contents of which spill on the surface, spread unpleasant odors, and risk the development of infectious diseases.

To protect your farm but also the environment from these threats, it is important to find an adequate agent for septic tanks. With the Agrounik preparation for cleaning septic tanks naturally, you will not have to worry about the safety of your animals.