Why is foliar fertilization of plants a good choice?

Foliar fertilization of plants, i.e. feeding through leaves is a good choice for several reasons. In the first place, we emphasize practicality. Microbiological fertilizer is easier to apply in this way, and the plant will absorb nutrition faster through the leaves than through the roots.

This type of nutrition also enables quick and easy intervention in the vegetative stages of plant development. It can also be a supplement, if the fertilizer over the roots was not enough to feed the plant. Foliar nutrition products are also simulators of plant growth, and they also affect its qualitative properties, such as the color and firmness of the fruit.

Argounik product offer for foliar fertilization includes organic microbiological fertilizer intended for field and vegetable crops, and flowers. It also includes liquid fertilizer – growth simulator, liquid fertilizer with amino acids, as well as organic fertilizer for garden and balcony flowers.

What are the effects of foliar fertilization with Agrounik products?

Better development

Argounik products promote plant growth, development of adventitious and lateral roots, and also increase in root activity and photosynthesis.

More active plants

In addition to photosynthesis, Argounik products for foliar fertilization of plants stimulate transpiration, and also encourage the absorption of macro and micro elements.

A more successful fruit

The application of our products has an impact on pollination and fruit development, its size and color and increased overall yield.

Agrounik products guarantee a quality standard at every stage of production, so the application of our foliar fertilizer is a proven recipe for success. Choose the products your soil needs and make it even more fertile.