Why is humic acid important?

Humic compounds are formed in the soil, from plant and animal remains during the humification process. These are complex natural substances that reduce the process of soil degradation and positively affect its fertility and the development of plants.

Agrounik products based on humic acids are used alone or in combination with pesticides, as well as with preparations based on copper. Humic acid can be applied foliar, or through irrigation devices, depending on whether it is used for arable farming, orcharding, viticulture, or vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.

Our product range consists of classic organic fertilizers based on humic acids, humic acid with the addition of B, acids that contain a complex of microelements in chelated form, as well as humic acid for vegetables and flowers.

What are the effects of Agrounik humic acid?

Plant recovery

Agrounik humic acid has the effect of reducing stress in the plant, and at the same time reduces the content of nitrates and heavy metals in agricultural products.

Better development

Humic acid is responsible for the better development of the plant, because it improves the quality of the soil, increases germination, and accelerates the growth of the plant.

Yield increase

Argounik products with humic acid enable better utilization of nutrients from the soil and increase yields.

Agrounik products guarantee a quality standard at every stage of production, so treating the soil with the help of products with humic acid is a proven recipe for success. Choose the products that your soil needs and make it even more fertile.