What products do we use for seed treatment?

Agrounik has developed preparations for the treatment of seeds of field, vegetable, and leguminous plants.

Our range of biofertilizers for seed treatment is the result of a series of scientific research projects for the isolation and selection of PGP bacteria. These bacteria participate in biochemical processes that take place about 2 mm from the root system and have a positive effect on plant growth.

Our products are intended for the treatment of seeds of field and vegetable plants, but also the revival of cuttings of ornamental plants. In our offer, you can find liquid fertilizer – growth simulator, microbiological fertilizer for inoculation of pea seeds and alfalfa seeds, as well as microbiological fertilizer for inoculation of soybean seeds.

What are the effects of Agrounik seed treatment products?

Higher quality seeds

Agrounik seed treatment products enable better seed germination and germination energy, as well as higher germination power.

A more active plant

Our products have a positive effect on leaf mass and photosynthesis activity, and also on the formation of lateral and adventitious roots.

Higher yield

With a more developed plant, which implies increased germination and sprouting, the result is a higher yield and higher seed mass.

Agrounik products guarantee a quality standard at every stage of production, so the treatment of seeds with the help of our fertilizers is a proven recipe for success. Choose the products your soil needs and make it even more fertile.